2014 7/21 @kevinbacon with ACLTRG staff, executive board, and construction crew members (X)

2014 7/21 @kevinbacon with ACLTRG staff, executive board, and construction crew members (4 photos) (X)

2014 7/21 @kevinbacon with our crew from ACIT (X)

get to know me meme » [1/5] favorite female characters: giselle gray

I’m seeing all this stuff in the tag about Ryan having a new girlfriend and the writers bringing in new characters and everything and i agree with so much of it. First of the new girlfriend. Why does he need a new girlfriend? From where it left off last season he and Carrie were getting pretty serious, and i know they were basically just sleeping together but you can tell there was something there and there was a connection. Also, if they are bringing in a new love interest and not mentioning carrie at all, this kind of strengthens my theory that she may have been the one driving the truck? Now, about the new big bad since Joe is in prison. They have a perfect main bad guy in mark tbh. Like he is all alone and bc of Ryan and the FBI his whole family has fallen. He has the perfect position to want revenge on Mike, Ryan, Max and the FBI. I don’t want there to be someone who will overpower Mark as being the big bad bc he is in the perfect place and mindset to jump into Joe’s shoes. What do you guys think?

Anonymous said: Dont u think that the writers of tf killed almost all the killers and almost none of the fbi? Like mike survived a lot of times


That’s exactly what happened this season.

All of the killers save for Mark and Joe were killed. NO ONE ON THE FBI DIED. Agent Mendez was stabbed, but survived as far as we know because she was never mentioned again. (which is an issue in and of itself)

Now I know that bad guys always come after good guys that makes sense I mean we’re not  meant to root for the bad guys (usually, the following kind of turns that on its head), but last season an important FBI character, Debra Parker, was killed. If you really want us to care about a side, we need something at stake, we need the heroes to lose sometimes.

They didn’t lose at all this season. Just the killers did. That bores me. Also lol once again the only character on the FBI side to actually face death was a female FBI agent who poofed off and was never mentioned again Max (another woman wow) was also VERY close (not as close but). Mike got close but we all know they won’t kill Mike just yet (he’s a “fan favorite”).

There needs to be an equal importance on loss. If the FBI once again gets through without a death this season, and say Mark or Joe is killed… i’m going to be pretty annoyed. Good guys can’t win 100% of their battles 100% of the time. There has to be loss eventually. I just hope you know there’s more development before that happens. I’d hate to see it happen to Max or Mike or Gina (if she comes back) or Ryan because I love all of them, I don’t hate a single character on this show. But it HAS to happen eventually, or it will get boring because there’s no real sense of danger for our heroes.