Good gif makers get at me tbh I want to add another person to this blog

savage-explosive: "So Emma got killed, and at first I was "YEAAASSSSS FINALLY". Then I thought, "hey, I liked her actually, she was a bitch, but she was pretty and smart". And then I decided that I don't care, I mean, she's been a selfish bitch lately, quite annoying. However, I thought we might see her in season 3."

I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. I mean, we all know that I hated emma just like the next sane human being but idkkkkk????? Like she was so important to the show and to Joe like omg and she was putting Joe in his place last night I was like yaaaaaaaassssss but I just couldn’t believe it actually happened like wow AND CLAIRE DID IT. She deserved to do it tbh

Anonymous: "claire and mandy have meant more to joe than emma ever has or will. her ego trip has been ridiculous; i can't wait till she meets her inevitable violent end."

omg yes. like she has it coming so hard I just can’t wait ti see who does it and how they do it

ryanshardy: "what font do you use for your gifs?"

First of all omfg your url. I use Calibri bold, then I bold again with italics tbh

Anonymous: "Opinion on S2: I really love the twins and Lily (quite sad that Mike killed her but alas, it was inevitable). I miss the Poe business but I understand why they drifted from that. Max is love and her relationship with Ryan makes me so happy. Mike's character development is brilliant. I find Carrie a bit annoying at times. All in all though, I'm quite pleased with this season."

I understand loving the twins but loving Lily lol nah. idk I’ve been asked if I missed the Poe stuff and I do miss it a little actually. Like it made more sense for Joe to be dealing with the Poe stuff rather than this religious kick he’s on bc he was so much into the literature. Max and Ryan’s relationship is the reason I live. I agree about Mike. No other character has had that much development over the year. And yes Carrie can be annoying sometimes lol but I think they’re relationship can add an interesting dynamic to the show….if she doesn’t die which I think she will